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Star Trek FAQ, subtitled Everything Left to Know About the First Voyages of the Starship Enterprise, is an unofficial reference book written by Mark Clark. It was published by Applause Books in June 2012. The book includes a foreword by screenwriter David Gerrold.

The book comprises forty-six short chapters which cover a variety of topics related to Star Trek: The Original Series. A sequel, titled Star Trek FAQ 2.0, subtitled Everything Left to Know About The Next Generation, the Movies, and Beyond, was published in 2013.

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From the back cover
Star Trek FAQ tells the complete story of Star Trek, beginning with the books, films, and TV shows that inspired producer Gene Roddenberry to create Star Trek and concluding in 1978 with the announcement that Star Trek would return as a feature film. It chronicles Roddenberry's struggle to bring Star Trek to television, the ingenuity and dedication demonstrated by the program's creators and cast throughout its production, the events that led to the series' premature demise, and the circumstances behind its unlikely resurrection. It includes dramatic behind-the-scenes stories – Leonard Nimoy's struggle with alcoholism and actress Grace Lee Whitney's controversial firing – often omitted from "authorized" histories of the program. Along with in-depth looks at the pre- and post-Trek careers of the show's iconic leads, Star Trek FAQ includes profiles of guest stars and "redshirt" extras alike, as well as the many writers, technicians, and artisans whose efforts enabled Star Trek to take flight. Combining a wealth of fascinating information about every facet of the show's production with original analysis of Star Trek's enduring appeal and cultural influence, Star Trek FAQ goes where no Star Trek book has gone before.

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