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Part 12 of the Star Trek Fact Files was published in 1997.

Contents Edit

File 2, Card 6
The Star Trek Timeline (Parts 11 & 12)
Covering the timeline in 2268.
File 3, Card 3B
The Alpha Quadrant (Part 3)
Covers Andevian II, Andoria, Angel I, Angosia III, Antares, Antica, Antide III [sic], Antos IV, and Archanis IV.
File 16, Card 1
The Dominion
File 18, Card 9
Empathic Metamorphs
File 19, Card 3E
Saucer Section Separation
File 29, Card 24
USS Voyager NCC-74656: Neelix's Galley
File 40, Card 9
Angosian Transport Vessel
File 43, Card 10A
Nurse Chapel in Love
File 43, Card 28H
Riker's Klingon Exchange
File 60, Card 2A
Hand Phasers: 24th Century
Covers the type 2 phaser from TNG Season 1 and 2.
File 69, Card 63
TNG: "The Offspring"
File 70, Card 60
DS9: "Through the Looking Glass"
File 79, Card 1
Star Trek: First Contact, Part 1
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