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Part 13 of the Star Trek Fact Files was published in 1997.

Contents Edit

File 3, Card 3C
The Alpha Quadrant (Part 4)
Covers Archer IV, Ardana, Arcybite, Argelius II, Ariannus, Arkaria Base, Armus IX, Arvada III, Atalia VII, and Atrea IV.
File 5, Card 8
The Badlands
File 18, Card 10
Angel One Inhabitants
File 22, Card 1
USS Enterprise NCC-1701-A: Introduction
File 19, Card 4D
Tuvok's Antimatter Maneuver
Details the tactics of the USS Voyager in VOY: "Resolutions".
File 34, Card 1A
Klingon Bird-of-Prey: Briefing (Part 2) - Weapons and Defensive Systems
File 40, Card 10
Rasmussen's Time Ship
File 43, Card 55C
Tom Paris: Problems With Discipline
File 49, Card 3
Admiral Jarok: Romulan Defector
File 65, Card 2
Hypospray: 2373
File 68, Cards 11 & 12
TOS: "Miri", "The Conscience of the King"
File 71, Card 10
VOY: "State of Flux"
File 79, Card 2
Star Trek: First Contact, Part 2
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