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Part 14 of the Star Trek Fact Files was published in 1997.

Contents Edit

File 2, Card 7
The Star Trek Timelines (Parts 13 & 14)
Covering the timeline in 2268.
File 6, Card 3
The Tox Uthat
File 11, Card 4A
The Rites of Ascension
File 3, Card 3D
The Alpha Quadrant (Part 5)
Covers 'audet IX [sic], Axanar, Bajor, Balosnee VI, Barkon IV, Barradas III, Barson II, Barzan, and Beltane IX.
The contents page erroneously identifies this as Part 4.
File 25, Card 17
USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D: Tractor Beam Emitters
File 36, Card 3
Dreadnought Missile
File 43, Card 35D
Alternate Timeline Tasha Yar
File 47, Card 1F
Kira Nerys and Vedek Bareil
File 66, Card 3
Geordi's VISOR
File 69, Card 41
TNG: "Q Who"
File 70, Card 37
DS9: "Blood Oath"
File 79, Card 3
Star Trek: First Contact, Part 3
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