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Part of the "Folk Art and Artists Series", Star Trek Fans and Costume Art is a guide depicting "A Study of the Phenomenal Attire That Unites Trekkers."


From book jacket
Fans of science fiction and of Star Trek are legion. Huge numbers of these attend their conventions attired in highly creative costumes that identify them as Trekkers and arouse a spirit of community.
Many are affiliated with fan clubs whose members buy or create such attire to be worn at conventions and public events. They come from all walks of life and show up extravagantly costumed not only at science-fiction venues but also at charity fund-raisers and public-service meetings. Klingons and Federation members may appear in the actual world of strip malls and shopping centers as they stage food-fight wars in behalf of the homeless. They surface anywhere they can make a statement about the positive ideals they feel are fostered in the Star Trek universe.
Costumers may portray figures from the popular TV show and films as well as invent characters in the tradition of Star Trek. No matter where they may be geographically, their zeal for the show and its values bond them into a community. They must toe a thin line between maintaining the tradition of authentic uniforms and the wish to create costumes that express personal aesthetics and innovation. Many Trekkers on occasion demonstrate extreme creativity in their costume art. Nevertheless, to meet the approval of their peers, it must be plausible and appropriate. Trekkers find a sense of friendship, family, and high ideals within fandom. A gamut of reasons can be listed for why Trekkers costume themselves. For some it is a public way of demonstrating affection for Gene Roddenberry's creation. For some dressing as a Klingon expresses empowerment for women. For others it is escapism or pure fun.
Such alien garb and motivations for wearing it are explored here in this fascinating book that connects expressions of contemporary folk art, folklore, and popular culture.

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  • Star Trek Fans and Costume Art
  • Star Trek Fandom
  • The Palavra
  • Genes Dream
  • The Boundaries of Authenticity
  • Alien Invasion
  • Outstanding Artists
  • The Meaning of Costuming
  • Conclusion: Popular Culture and Folklore
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