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The Star Trek Game by Milton Bradley was produced in 1979 in conjunction with the release of Star Trek: The Motion Picture.

A unique feature of this game is the playing surface, which consists of a large base board and six triangular "space sectors" that can be arranged in a myriad of configurations (roughly 3,149,280), making each game's play a little different.

The object of the game is to complete three of the four missions assigned to you at the start of the game on "Mission Cards".

Missions consists of either visiting certain stellar configurations (including V'Ger), confronting various aliens, exploring planets, or "controlling" certain groups of "stars" on the board.

To complete a mission, you move around the various paths on the board to "stars" labeled A, B, C, D or E. If the star is "unexplored", you draw a "Star Card" to "explore" it and place a marker in your ship's color on the corresponding letter space in that sector.

Certain Star Cards allow you to enhance movement around the board or cause alien attacks requiring you to make repairs.

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