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The Star Trek Generations trading card set produced by SkyBox was released in 1994. A widevision card set, in line with SkyBox's The Star Trek Cinema Collection, the set comprised a 72-card base set, and three chase card sets.

The base set synopsised the movie, including several scenes that were later cut from the final print.

The set featured the first SkyMotion cards created for the Star Trek range, produced by Kodak. One was available by redemption, the other by a mail-order offer on the pack wrapper.

A prototype card S1 (not to be confused with the Spectra card S1) was produced as a promotional item - this card was printed with a misspelling, "prototpye".

Base set

Card # Title Card # Title
1 Running From the Past 37 To Stop a Madman
2 Old Emotions 38 Complications
3 Welcome Aboard 39 Cunning Strategy
4 A Change of Plans 40 Counter-Attack
5 Phasing Through Time 41 Warp Core Breach
6 Two Among Many 42 A Way In
7 Trapped 43 Out of Control
8 There's Always a Way 44 Crash Landing
9 Race Against Time 45 Family of Dreams
10 Uncertain Victory 46 Meeting Across Time
11 Blink of an Eye 47 A Chance to Start Again
12 The Good Ship U.S.S. Enterprise 48 Bitter Illusion
13 Crime and Punishment 49 Challenge Accepted
14 A Ceremonial Dip 50 Second Time Around
15 Not Clear On the Concept 51 Guesswork
16 Bad News 52 Hanging in the Balance
17 Among Ruins 53 Tense Seconds
18 Questions and Answers 54 A Final Resting Place
19 Feeling the World 55 Tears of Joy
20 Soran's Request 56 Full Circle
21 A Familiar Face 57 Captain Jean-Luc Picard
22 Seeking Trilithium 58 Captain James T. Kirk
23 Emotional Overload 59 Commander William T. Riker
24 Soran Makes His Move 60 Lieutenant Commander Data
25 Last of a Line 61 Dr. Beverly Crusher
26 Implosion 62 Lieutenant Commander Geordi La Forge
27 Two Minutes Left 63 Lieutenant Commander Deanna Troi
28 Enemies Decloak 64 Lieutenant Commander Worf
29 Bickering Among Thieves 65 Guinan
30 Target: Veridian 66 Doctor Tolian Soran
31 Stuck With Emotions 67 Lursa and B'Etor
32 The Nexus 68 Montgomery Scott and Pavel Chekov
33 Interrogation 69 Captain John Harriman
34 The Price of Emotions 70 Ensign Demora Sulu
35 Soran's Plan 71 Checklist 1
36 Bargains and Threats 72 Checklist 2

Chase cards

Card # Title
Foil Cards (1:20 packs)
F1 Escaping Reality
F2 Renegades
F3 Fragile Alliance
Spectra-Etch Cards (1:20 packs)
S1 One Last Time
S2 The Greatest Legacy
S3 Legends Meet
SkyMotion Cards (1:180 packs)
- SkyMotion Exchange Card
- SkyMotion Card (2½" x 3½")
Obtained by redemption of exchange card
- SkyMotion Card (3 7/8" x 5 3/8")
Obtained by mail-in offer

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