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Star Trek III The Search for Spock Special Edition DVD cover-Region 1

Region 1 cover

Region 1 cover
DVD release
Series: Star Trek films
No. of discs: 2
Run time: 105 minutes (NTSC)
101 minutes (PAL/SECAM)
Director: Leonard Nimoy
Region 1 release date: 22 October 2002
Region 2 release date: 13 January 2003
Region 4 release date: 15 January 2003
Rating(s): MPAA - Parental Guidance Suggested BBFC - Parental Guidance IFCO - Parental Guidance FSK - Freigegeben ab 12 Jahren NICAM - Alle leeftijden (Not harmful/All ages) MCCYP - 15 OFLC (Australia) - Parental Guidance MDA - Parental Guidance
Reference: ASIN B00006G8HX (region 1)
ASIN B000083ED0 (region 2)
Year: 2285
Star Trek III The Search for Spock (Special Edition) DVD-Region 2

Region 2 cover

Region 2 cover
Star Trek III The Search for Spock Special Edition DVD Main Menu 1

Main menu from Disc 1

Main menu from Disc 1
Star Trek III The Search for Spock Special Edition DVD Main Menu 2

Main menu from Disc 2

Main menu from Disc 2

Star Trek III: The Search for Spock (Special Edition) is a two-disc widescreen Special Edition DVD of Star Trek III: The Search for Spock, with the discs mounted within the standard plastic snapcase. While the Region 1 release did not, the Region 2 snapcase came standard in a matching softboard slipcase.


From the back cover of the Region 1 release
Admiral Kirk's defeat of Khan and the creation of the Genesis Planet are empty victories. Spock is dead and McCoy is inexplicably being driven insane. Then a surprise visit from Sarek, Spock's father, provides a startling revelation: McCoy is harboring Spock's living essence. With one friend alive and one not, but both in pain, Kirk attempts to help his friends by stealing the USS Enterprise and defying Starfleet's Genesis planet quarantine. But the Klingons have also learned of Genesis and race to meet Kirk in a deadly rendezvous.


Like most or all DVDs, the film has been sectioned into chapters, similar to tracks on a CD. The titles of these chapters are listed below.

Scene Title
1 Genesis
2 A Sign of Life
3 Vulcan mind meld
4 Planet Forbidden
5 Stealing the Enterprise
6 The Vulcan Child
7 Klingon Bird of Prey
8 Enterprise Destruct Sequence
9 The Ageing Planet
10 The Needs of the One
11 End Credits

Special features[]

Disc one[]

Disc two[]


  • Captain's Log – A look back at the making of the movie, from inception to premiere. The documentary also includes interview footage with Leonard Nimoy, William Shatner, Robin Curtis, and Christopher Lloyd.
  • Terraforming and The Prime Directive – The Genesis device and the Genesis planet both reflect science fiction explorations of terraforming, a concept that has been present in science fiction for generations and is now on the drawing boards at institutions such as NASA. Featuring NASA scientist Dr. Louis Friedman.
  • The Star Trek Universe – A collection of documentaries that delve into facets of the film. The titles of the other documentaries are listed below.
    • Space Docks and Birds of Prey – Interviews with ILM model makers plus other Star Trek designers.
    • Speaking Klingon – Linguist Marc Okrand provides a detailed account of the creation of the Klingon language and how he created a separate language for Vulcans.
    • Klingon and Vulcan Costumes – Interviews with Maggie Schpak, one of the original designers of the jewelry, costumes and make-up.


  • Easter egg – hidden special feature short with ILM Visual Effects Supervisor Ken Ralston discussing the filming of starship models and the creation of the Klingon monster dog.
  • Archives: storyboards and photos – an assortment of early concept sketches and various photographs from the movie and the production of it. The titles of the sketches are listed below.
    • Main Titles
    • The Klingons Attack
    • Entering Spacedock
    • Search for Life
    • Finding Spock
    • The Destruction of the Grissom
    • Stealing the Enterprise
    • Self Destruct
    • Kirk Fights Kruge
    • The Katra Ritual
  • Star Trek Nemesis Teaser Trailer – a trailer for Star Trek Nemesis, which was new at the time of the DVD's release
  • Theatrical trailer – an advertisement for the film's original release
  • Interactive animated menus
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