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Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home (expanded soundtrack) is the extended soundtrack to Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home. Produced by Intrada, the single-disc release contains the extended score to the film, along with remastered versions of tracks from the original soundtrack release, along with alternate takes, and source music.

The release includes a twenty-four page booklet featuring commentary from Lukas Kendall and Jeff Bond and track-by-track breakdowns.

Track listingEdit

# Title/Runtime
1 Logo/Main Title† (2:52)
2 Starfleet Command/On Vulcan/Spock/Ten Seconds of Tension (1:40)
3 The Probe (1:16)
4 The Probe—Transition/The Take-Off/Menace of the Probe/Clouds and Water/Crew Stunned (3:08)
5 Time Travel (1:28)
6 Market Street* (4:38)
7 In San Francisco (2:01)
8 Chekov's Run (1:21)
9 Gillian Seeks Kirk (2:42)
10 Hospital Chase (1:14)
11 The Whaler (2:00)
12 Crash/Whale Fugue (8:38)
13 Kirk Freed (0:44)
14 Home Again/End Credits† (5:39)
15 Ballad of the Whale* (4:59)
16 Main Title (alternate)† (2:56)
17 Time Travel (alternate) (1:29)
18 Chekov's Run (album ending) (1:19)
19 The Whaler (alternate) (2:05)
20 Crash/Whale Fugue (album version) (8:15)
21 Home Again and End Credits (alternate)† (5:16)
22 Main Title (album version)† (2:40)
23 Whale Fugue (alternate) (1:05)
24 I Hate You** (1:59)
Total running time: 72:44
*Performed by The Yellowjackets, Composed by Leonard Rosenman, Russell Ferrante and Jimmy Haslip.
**Performed by Edge of Etiquette, Written by Kirk Thatcher, Arranged by Mark Mangini.
Contains "Theme From Star Trek (TV Series)" by Alexander Courage.

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