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Star Trek Into Darkness Blu-ray Region A cover.jpg

Region A cover

Region A cover
Blu-ray Disc release
Series: Star Trek films
No. of discs: 1/2
Director: J.J. Abrams
Region A release date: 10 September 2013
Region B release date: 2 September 2013
Reference: ASIN B00AZMFK3K (region A)
ASIN B009934S5M (region B, UK)
ASIN B00E0K3E72 (region B, UK 2-disc "steelbook")
ASIN B00CXLSVLE (region B, Germany)
Year: 2259
Star Trek Into Darkness Blu-ray Region B cover.jpg

Region B cover

Region B cover

Star Trek Into Darkness is the Blu-ray Disc release of Star Trek Into Darkness. The release contains a Blu-ray, DVD (omitted from some releases), and a digital copy of the film. Various limited edition sets are also available.


The domestic release of the Blu-ray does not feature the scenes shot in IMAX resolution. It was reported that the German release contains the scenes shot for IMAX, shown in their full aspect, but this is false. [2]

Special features Edit

These are the standard features common to all Blu-ray releases.

  • Creating the Red Planet
  • Attack on Starfleet
  • The Klingon Home World
  • The Enemy of My Enemy
  • Ship to Ship
  • Brawl by the Bay
  • Continuing the Mission (Region A only)

The iTunes Store release contains a director's video commentary, which runs a half hour longer than the film. iTunes later released all special features as included on the 2014 Star Trek: The Compendium release. [3] The deleted scenes are available on the Xbox SmartGlass app. The additional following special features are exclusive to the following stores:

Target/Sainsbury's release
  • The Voyage Begins... Again
  • Mr. Spock and Mr. Spock
  • Rebuilding the Enterprise
  • Vengeance is Coming
  • Kirk & Spock
  • Visual Affection
Best Buy/CinemaNow release
  • Down With the Ship
  • NIF: Home of the Core
  • Safety First
  • Unlocking the Cut
  • The Sound of Music and FX
  • Aliens Encountered [4]

The Canadian Best Buy edition contains an additional disc for these bonus features, while American buyers will have to download them.

The Tesco release features 20 minutes of unspecified extra content exclusive to their Blinkbox service.

The VAM controversy Edit

The decision to make the majority of extras retailer exclusives has prompted intense criticism of Paramount Home Entertainment from Blu-ray customers, fans and reviewers alike. [5] According to TrekCore, a source close to both Paramount and Bad Robot Productions stated that the latter had 100% control over the production of VAM (Value Added Material aka "special features"). This source speculated this material might have been delivered late as account-specific features generally have a deadline that is later than the Blu-ray. This would have resulted in the features being thrown to different SKUs (Stock Keeping Units). This would be seen as the "nice way" of looking at the matter. The less nice way was that Bad Robot arranged contracts with retailers wherein each was paid for the exclusive content specific to their stores. Regardless of what happened, Paramount might have been the driver of the decisions with Bad Robot having the final approval. [6] Simon Pegg voiced his support for the fans, saying the inconsistent release made him "sad". [7]

While there is no firm conformation whether or not this was a studio response to the outcry of indignation, Paramount has announced an all special features inclusive Blu-ray release in June 2014, in the IMAX version (but without the 3D version), of the film as the Star Trek: The Compendium set. [8]

Unfortunately, the outcry was not enough to dissuade the franchise from continuing with the practice, as the retailer exclusive format was yet again utilized for the next, 2016 movie Blu-ray outing.

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