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The Star Trek Limited Edition Monopoly game was produced by USAopoly. Released in 2000, it was the second of four Star Trek-themed Monopoly games thus far produced by the company.

The game played exactly the same as the original Monopoly game, but the elements of the game were all based on Star Trek: The Original Series:

  • The pawns were small, pewter recreations of the main crewmembers from the original Enterprise.
  • The "properties" were now different aliens and races, from whom you are purchasing "alliances".
  • The money was made to resemble different denominations of Federation credits.
  • The houses and hotels were replaced by starships (small white blocks, each with a relief of the Enterprise) and space stations (which most closely resembled Deep Space Station K-7).
  • The Chance and Community Chest cards are now "Captain's Log" and "Starfleet Orders" cards, respectively.

In addition, the game could also be played in conjunction with the other Trek Monopoly games USAopoly produced. However, this turned out to be just one other edition – the Star Trek: The Next Generation Collector's Edition Monopoly. (Planned editions based on Deep Space Nine and Voyager were mentioned in the rulebook, but never produced.) Though they are also Trek-related, neither of these two games are meant to be linked with the newer Star Trek Continuum Edition Monopoly or the Star Trek Klingon Edition Monopoly.

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