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The Star Trek Magazine Discovery Collector's Edition is a special edition of Star Trek Magazine, first published in October 2017, featuring articles and interviews related to Star Trek: Discovery.

The magazine was later repackaged into the hardcover reference book, Star Trek Discovery: Official Collector's Edition.


Voyage of Discovery
Ian Spelling sets out Discovery's development, from initial announcement to production.
The Writer's Room
Introducing Starfleet
Profile – First Officer Michael Burnham
Profile – Captain Gabriel Lorca
Profile – Lieutenant Saru
Profile – Captain Philippa Georgiou
Profile – Lieutenant Paul Stamets
Profile – Doctor Hugh Culber
Profile – Cadet Sylvia Tilly
Profile – Lieutenant Ash Tyler
A Galaxy United – The Federation
K. Stoddard Hayes explores the interstellar civilization.
Profile – Sarek
Profile – Harry Mudd
An Empire Divided – The Klingons
Profile – Kor
Profile – L'Rell
We Are Klingons
Prepared for Battle – The Klingon Armory
To Boldly Go – The Star Trek Timeline
Starfleet Issue
Starfleet Uniforms
The Art of Discovery

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