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Issue 113 of Star Trek Magazine was the February/March 2004 issue, the first bi-monthly, 100-page format issue released.


Captain's Log
The Best of All Worlds
Interview – Rick Berman –"Breaker, Breaker"
by Ian Spelling.
Interview – Dominic Keating – "True Brit"
by Ian Spelling.
Grace Under Pressure
Andy Lane looks at the application of the no-win scenario in the Star Trek universe.
Interview – Jonathan Frakes – "Days of Thunder"
by David Bassom.
School's Out
K. Stoddard Hayes takes a look at Starfleet Academy.
I'm a Red Shirt... Get Me Out of Here!
An away mission survival quiz.
A double-sided image, one side featuring the Star Trek: Enterprise cast, the other Jolene Blalock as T'Pol.
An additional glossy pullout, advertising the forthcoming release of Voyager on DVD, with the Voyager crew.
Random Thoughts
Brannon Braga.
Interview – Dwight Schultz – "Dwight to Reply"
by Cynthia Boris.
The Twilight Zone
Abbie Bernstein reports from the set of "Twilight".
Data Stream
Chris Dows looks at the development of the shuttlecraft.
From the Replicator
Michael A. Martin and Andy Mangels speak about their new novel, The Sundered.
Prophecy and Change, The Expanse, The Art of the Impossible, Stone and Anvil.
Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country - Special Edition.
Channel Open
In the Flesh
New feature, focusing on fans.
Toby Weidmann.
A Fistful of Data
Toilets on starships, MACO quarters.
Tower of Commerce
New section, replacing the Fair Trade magazine for The Official UK Star Trek Fan Club.
Hollow Pursuits
Great Moments in Star Trek: Star Trek: Insurrection, Geordi La Forge sees the sunrise.
Top 10: Paranoid acts.
Unforgettable: Dejaren.
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Issue 113 – February/March 2004
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