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Issue 114 of Star Trek Magazine was the April/May 2004 issue.


Captain's Log
The Best of All Worlds
Interview – Rick Berman – "Next Up..."
by Ian Spelling.
Interview – Ethan Phillips – "Showing Good Character"
by Ian Spelling.
The A-Z of Star Trek: Voyager
K. Stoddard Hayes takes an alphabetical tour of the series.
Interview – Bryan Fuller – "The Fuller Monty"
by Ian Spelling.
Assimilate Disc!
Toby Weidmann goes behind the scenes of the Star Trek: Voyager DVDs.
In Theory
New section, where members of the Star Trek Magazine production staff debate Star Trek issues.
Star Trek: Voyager'
Double-sided image, one side the Voyager cast, the other a Malcolm Reed spotlight.
Random Thoughts
Manu Intiraymi.
Interview – Roxann Dawson – "After Eight"
by Ian Spelling.
Viva Las Vegas!
Toby Weidmann reports from Star Trek: The Experience.
Data Stream
Chris Dows examines the USS Voyager.
From the Replicator
Voyager season DVD set episode rundown.
Star Trek: Shattered Universe preview.
James Swallow talks to Jeff Mariotte about Deny Thy Father.
Unity, Daedalus, Well of Souls, A Good Day to Die, Honor Bound.
Channel Open
In the Flesh
A Fistful of Data
Seeing stars at warp, Archer IV, USS Dauntless, saucer section on Veridian III.
Tower of Commerce
New feature, looking back at an individual episode.
VOY: "Shattered".
Hollow Pursuits
Great Moments in Star Trek: "Timeless", Voyager's crash landing.
Top 10: Unluckiest characters in Star Trek.
Alien of the Month: Kazon.
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Issue 113 Star Trek Magazine
Issue 114 – April/May 2004
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