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Issue 117 of Star Trek Magazine was the October/November 2004 issue, and the last with Toby Weidmann as editor.


Captain's Log
The Best of All Worlds
Interview – Rick Berman – "When Worlds Collide"
by Ian Spelling.
Slamming It Home
Abbie Bernstein reports from the 2004 Pasadena Grand Slam convention.
Life is But a Dream
James Margitich examines the roles Star Trek related phenomena play in dreams.
Interview – Connor Trinneer – "An Unforgettable Trip"
by Paul Simpson.
Interview – Jeri Ryan – "Fantasy Female"
interviewer not named.
The Great Reader Quiz
Competition to win Star Trek prizes.
Double-sided – Travis Mayweather spotlight, and a collage of T'Pol, The Doctor, Seven of Nine, Odo, and Data.
Random Thoughts
Aron Eisenberg.
Data Stream
Chris Dows looks at the USS Defiant.
Interview – Brannon Braga – "History Rewritten"
by Ian Spelling.
From the Replicator
James Swallow talks to Manuel Jesus, manager of Art Asylum's Star Trek range.
Voyager season three DVD set review.
The Original Series season one DVD set special features.
A Time to Sow & A Time to Harvest, Genesis Force, Shockwave.
Channel Open
In the Flesh
A Fistful of Data
Newly expanded edition.
CPR in "The Paradise Syndrome", novels and canonicity.
Lost and Found: Images of lost moments from behind the scenes. Jonathan Frakes with a Volare badge, during filming of "The Measure Of A Man".
Larry's Trek-Talk: New column.
Tower of Commerce
DS9: "Extreme Measures".
Hollow Pursuits
Great Moments in Star Trek: "Lifesigns", The Doctor falls in love.
Top 10: Wishes fulfilled.
Alien of the Month: Dream Aliens
Unforgettable: Wraith
Next Issue
The Ultimate Guide to Star Trek: Enterprise supplement
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Issue 117 – October/November 2004
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