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Issue 125 of Star Trek Magazine was the February/March 2006 issue. As part of the 40th anniversary, the magazine was the first of an intended six-part series, covering each Star Trek series individually – in this edition, Star Trek: The Original Series.


Captain's Log
The Best of All Worlds
Interview – Rick Berman – "Remembering Legends"
by Ian Spelling.
Where it All Began
K. Stoddard Hayes looks at the origins of Star Trek.
No Shore Leave
Ian Spelling profiles William Shatner.
The Other Gene... Remembering the Unsung Hero of Star Trek
Joe Nazzaro charts Gene L. Coon's extensive contribution to the making of Star Trek.
Boldly Going – Again
John Carrigan reports from the set of "To Serve All My Days", the third release of Star Trek: New Voyages.
A Fistful of Data
The "man in the wheelchair", the journey to the Great Barrier, which warp scale was used by Enterprise?
Lost and Found: Leonard Nimoy plus lollipop.
An Original Series cast shot, and a single-page Spock spotlight.
Column – Dave Rossi – "Falling in Love with Star Trek (reprise)"
Rossi talks about The Original Series.
Interview – Eddie Paskey – "Standing In For Captain Kirk!"
by Frank Garcia.
Star Trek: The Original Series complete episode guide
Episodes presented in broadcast order.
Star Trek: The Animated Series complete episode guide
Star Trek UK!
Graham Bleathman and Shaqui le Vesconte chart the history of the UK Star Trek comic strips of the 1970s.
From the Replicator
James Swallow speaks to Marco Palmieri about Pocket Books' 2006 plans.
Death in Winter, The Red King, Fusion, Death Before Dishonor.
TAS: "Yesteryear".
Tower of Commerce
Be My Guest
Tanya Lemani George, by Pat Jankiewicz.
Larry Nemecek pays tribute to Michael Piller.
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Issue 125 – February/March 2006
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