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Issue 128 (US issue #1) of Star Trek Magazine was the September/October 2006 issue. The first issue produced for North American distribution, the magazine saw a complete redesign from the ground up. Classic features were renamed, revamped or discarded – the book extract feature was revived, after being dropped with issue 69.


Welcome Aboard!
Brian J. Robb welcomes American readers.
From this issue, the editorial page includes a strip from The Trek Life.
Hailing Frequencies
Renamed from "The Best of All Worlds".
Deep Space Five
Karen S. Hayes looks at the traits of the Star Trek captains.
Includes William Shatner, Patrick Stewart, Avery Brooks, Kate Mulgrew, and Scott Bakula quotes and interview excerpts.
Take the Captain's Test!: multiple choice test.
40 Reasons We Love Star Trek
The staff look at reasons why Star Trek has such an enduring appeal.
Interview – D.C. Fontana – "This Side of Paradise"
by David Bassom.
Double-sided, on one, the Original Series cast; on the other, the Enterprise cast.
Additional pull-out, glossy poster featuring the cover art to Ships of the Line.
TOS: "Friday's Child".
Friday Female: interview with Julie Newmar.
Life (But Not As We Know It) Begins At Forty!
A chronology of the development of Star Trek, covering the period 1966-1969.
Column – Dave Rossi – "Boldly Bidding..."
Rossi on the process of cataloguing and identifying the items to be sold at the Christie's 40 Years of Star Trek: The Collection auction.
Book extract
Pocket TOS: Crucible: Provenance of Shadows.
Features an introduction by writer David R. George III.
Renamed from "From the Replicator".
Chris Dows talks about Tokyopop's forthcoming manga, "Shinsei Shinsei".
Reviews: Warpath, Last Full Measure, Evolution, Fan Collective - Borg, Fan Collective - Time Travel.
Release schedule for books and DVDs.
Tower of Commerce
A Fistful of Data
hangar deck, missing scene from Star Trek: The Motion Picture, VOY: "Parallax" plot hole, TNG: "Realm of Fear" and transporter viewpoint.
Lost and Found: Robert Picardo plays Jerry Lewis on the Voyager set.
Larry Nemecek on surprises in store for the new Star Trek movie.
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Issue 128 – September/October 2006
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