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Issue 137 (US issue #10) of Star Trek Magazine was the March/April 2008 issue. This issue focused specifically on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, celebrating the fifteenth anniversary of the series' premiere.

From this issue, the magazine was reduced in size – from 9 inches wide x 12 inches high to 8 x 11. For this issue, and future 100-page specials, a different binding format was used – the magazine was perfect bound instead of saddle-stitched.


Far Beyond the Stars
Paul Simpson on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.
Hailing Frequencies
Interview – Karl Urban – "Urban Legend"
by Ian Spelling.
Interview – Anton Yelchin – "Made in Russia"
by Ian Spelling.
Slowing light, leak detection systems, planetary classification system, warp drive.
What They Left Behind
A look back at Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Each season overview includes Previously on Star Trek, detailing continuity points, The Saga Continues, indicating where plot points reappear, and Side Trips, covering the novels and comics taking place during the time period in question. The DS9 Years for each season (The Voyager Years for Season 8) presents a brief synopsis of events and key actors involved, as well as information on events in the wider Star Trek franchise.
Season 1
Finding The New Frontier
Andrew Lane looks at the history of space stations, and why such as setting would be useful for a Star Trek series.
Season 2
An Unwilling Pupil
Robert Greenberger explores the Odo-Quark relationship.
Interview – Avery Brooks – "Like Father..."
by Paul Simpson.
Season 3
Time: The Final Frontier
Robert T. Jeschonek on the timeframes explored by the series.
Season 4
Embracing the Star Trek Universe
Keith R.A. DeCandido on how Deep Space Nine based itself in established Trek continuity.
Season 5
Lessons in Love
Jill Sherwin looks at romance and relationships on Deep Space Nine.
Interview – Cirroc Lofton – "...Like Son"
by Paul Simpson.
Season 6
The Cleanest Finish
David A. McIntee tells how Deep Space Nine's serialized nature was no bad thing, and compares the series with the soap opera genre.
Season 7
Just Add Bajor
Terri Osborne on the two lives of Benjamin Sisko: Starfleet captain, and Emissary of the Prophets.
Station Roll Call
The status of the key Deep Space Nine characters as of the start of Warpath.
Season 8
All The Galaxy's A Stage
David R. George III on the characters and storyline in the DS9 relaunch.
Drawing the Station
Andrew Steven Harris looks at the portrayal of Deep Space Nine through its various comic incarnations.
A Fistful of Data
Count-up in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan?, Women on the Klingon High Council. Lost and FoundRene Auberjonois rips off his Odo makeup at the end of filming "What You Leave Behind".
Fiction extract
Star Trek: Terok Nor: Day of the Vipers
A Sea of Troubles, The Oppressor's Wrong, The Insolence of Office; Sword of Damocles; "Year Four, Issue 5", "Alien Spotlight: Andorians", "Alien Spotlight: Orions"; TOS Season 1 HD DVD; release schedule.
Next Issue
Larry Nemecek on his favorite DS9 episodes, and his memories of the final day's shooting.
Issue 136 Star Trek Magazine
Issue 137 – March/April 2008
Issue 138
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