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Issue 142 of Star Trek Magazine was the January/February 2009 issue.


The Dark Side
Paul Simpson talks about the mounting hype surrounding the new Star Trek movie, and how Star Trek has always been at its best when it holds up a mirror to the Human condition.
Hailing Frequencies
Interview - Leonard Nimoy - "Passing the Torch"
by Paul Simpson.
Interview - Nana Visitor - "Intendant Expectations"
by Ian Spelling.
Lost and Found
Larry Nemecek with behind the scenes images from "Through the Looking Glass".
Interview - Robert Hewitt Wolfe - "Sex, Death, and Consequences"
by Jill Sherwin.
The Mirror Universe Timeline
Keith R.A. DeCandido charts the history of the parallel universe.
Book extract
Shards and Shadows - "The Greater Good"
More Remasterpieces
Michael Okuda, Denise Okuda, Dave Rossi, and Niel Wray discuss their favourite shots from the Remastered Original Series with Larry Nemecek in the last of a two-part feature.
Eye of the Beholder
Paula M. Block on Joan Winston, Star Trek fandom, and how she got her position with Paramount.
Star Trek: Destiny; Kobayashi Maru.
"Mirror Images, Part 3"; "Mirror Images, Part 4"; The Hollow Crown; "Too Many Presidents".
Star Trek: Fan Collective - Alternate Realities.
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Issue 142 - January/February 2009
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