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Issue 143 of Star Trek Magazine was the March/April 2009 issue. A 100-page, perfect-bound edition, it focused on Star Trek: Voyager.


Continuing Voyages
Paul Simpson on 2009 in the Trek franchise, and Star Trek Magazine going to eight issues a year.
Hailing Frequencies
Interview - Bruce Greenwood - "All Due Respect"
Interviewer Paul Simpson (uncredited).
The Voyage Home
A look back at Star Trek: Voyager. Each season page features Sidesteps, detailing novels and comics set during those timeframes.
Season One
Course Corrections
Robert Greenberger explores the wasted potential in "Caretaker".
Interview - Robert Picardo - "Program Analysis"
by Terri Osborne.
Writing with the Stars - TG Theodore on writing Picardo and Ethan Phillips' convention stage shows, House Call and Doubles.
Season Two
Style Over Substance - David Mack looks at the characters of Neelix and The Doctor.
Eye of the Beholder - Michael Jan Friedman discusses the writing of "Resistance".
Season Three
Final Authority - Robert Jeschonek looks at the command style of Kathryn Janeway.
Lost & Found
Larry Nemecek reveals images from the making of "Future's End" and "The Killing Game, Parts I and II.
Season Four
Catsuits are Irrelevant - Christopher L. Bennett on whether Voyager did turn into "The Seven of Nine Show" or not.
Interview - Jeri Ryan - "Where No Borg Has Gone Before"
by Jeff Schnaufer.
Season Five
Fooling the Eyes - Michael A. Martin on how CGI gradually make its way into Voyager.
Captain Proton: History of a Space Hero
Cultural historians Dayton Ward XXVI and David Reddick XXXIII explore the science fiction classic The Adventures of Captain Proton.
Season Six
Flying Solo
Lance Parkin on whether the end of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine had an effect on Voyager.
Interview - Bryan Fuller - "Living Witness"
by Jill Sherwin.
Season Seven
You Can't Go Home Again
David A. McIntee on whether wrapping up the series resolved any of the series' early storylines.
Voyager Comes Full Circle
Kirsten Beyer on the post-finale Voyager novels, and how events in the other novel series will impact the ongoing story.
Book extract
Pocket VOY: Full Circle.
IDW Publishing solicitations for March 2009.
Covers for Pocket Books' summer releases, including Troublesome Minds, Losing the Peace, The Soul Key, and The Never-Ending Sacrifice.
Reviews of Sacrifices of War, Shards and Shadows, A Singular Destiny, and Assignment: Earth TPB.
Reviews of "Enterprise Experiment, Part 5", "Mirror Images, Part 5", and "Do Not Close Your Eyes"; TOS-R Season 3 DVD; 2009 Original Series and Ships of the Line calendars.
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Issue 143 - March/April 2009
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