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Issue 147 of Star Trek Magazine is the September/October 2009 issue, and focuses on the Borg.


Prepare To Be Assimilated
Paul Simpson on expanding coverage back to the full scope of the franchise.
Hailing Frequencies
Collective Encounters
Allyn Gibson details the history of the Borg Collective, encompassing episodes, novels and comics, and explaining the various origins given for the cybernetic race.
Interview – Alice Krige
by Jeff Schnaufer.
Interview – J.J. Abrams
by Paul Simpson, three weeks after the release of Star Trek.
Interview – Mindy Hall
by Paul Simpson (uncredited).
Lost and Found
Larry Nemecek reveals the first day of filming the Borg on "Q Who", and a brief look at "I Borg".
Book extract
Pocket DS9: The Never-Ending Sacrifice.
With an introduction by Una McCormack.
Log Entries
Star Trek D-A-C.
The Never-Ending Sacrifice, The Soul Key, Star Trek audiobook, Star Trek: Original Motion Picture Collection (Blu-ray), USB Communicator.
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Issue 147 – September/October 2009
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