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Issue 151 of Star Trek Magazine is the March 2010 issue, and is a 100-page Klingon and Star Trek Online special.


A Further Frontier
Paul Simpson editorial.
Hailing Frequencies
The Honorable People
The Trouble with Tribble(tweet)s
A series of Twitter accounts detail the events of "The Trouble with Tribbles". Written by Dayton Ward and Kevin Dilmore.
These are interspersed throughout the following sections.
Interview – J.G. Hertzler
by Stephen Eramo.
In the Name of Honor
Dayton Ward and Kevin Dilmore explore the development of the concept of Klingon honor.
Warrior Cultures & Cultured Warriors
William Leisner looks at the cultural heritage of the Klingon people.
Why Klingon?
Lawrence M. Schoen discusses the reasons behind studying the Klingon language.
Eye of the Beholder
David A. McIntee examines the practicalities of the bat'leth as a martial arts weapon.
The Proud Forehead
Keith R.A. DeCandido explores the varying portrayal of Klingons in Star Trek literature.
Lost & Found
Larry Nemecek presents images from the filming of "Rightful Heir" and "Prophecy".
Star Trek Online
Marco Palmieri gains exclusive access to Cryptic Studios.
Welcome to the 25th Century
Cryptic staff discuss the state of play in the Star Trek universe, the role of the player, customization, space combat, ground missions, locations, and future plans.
Style and Substance
Explores the design of the ships, equipment and locations, as well as the metastory that runs throughout the game.
The Path to 2409
Detailing the timeline of events leading to the start of the game, spanning 2379-2386.
Continues next issue.
The Fangs are Back
The role of the Klingons in the game.
Book extract
The Needs of the Many.
Log Entries
"Captain's Log: Sulu"; "Ghosts, Issue 2"; "Fool's Gold, Issue 2"; "Alien Spotlight: Cardassians".
TOS Season 3 Blu-ray.
Star Trek - Music from the Motion Picture.
The Sorrows of Empire, Inception.
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