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Issue 152 of Star Trek Magazine is the April/May 2010 issue, and a Star Trek: Voyager special.


Trust No One
Paul Simpson on 15 years of Star Trek: Voyager and Star Trek Magazine.
Hailing Frequencies
The Legacy of Star Trek: Voyager
Honoring Janeway
Kirsten Beyer explores the character of Kathryn Janeway, and her diverging fates in Pocket Books' novels and Star Trek Online.
Lost & Found
Larry Nemecek presents images from the filming of "Caretaker".
Interview – Manu Intiraymi
by Steven Eramo.
Compare and Contrast
Kevin Lauderdale looks at James T. Kirk and Kathryn Janeway, examining them based on the people they admire – Abraham Lincoln and Leonardo da Vinci.
Back With a Vengeance
Marco Palmieri looks at the reemergence of Species 8472 in Star Trek Online.
The Young Bloods
Naomi Wildman and Miral Paris are profiled.
The Path to 2409
Continuing the exploration of the events leading to Star Trek Online, covering the years 2387-2391.
Continued next issue.
Fan-Tastic Voyage
John Tenuto and Maria Jose Tenuto look at the history of Star Trek fanzines.
Log Entries
Star Trek Online review by James Swallow.
The Needs of the Many, with a discussion of the origins of the book by Michael A. Martin.
Seven Deadly Sins.
Spock: Reflections TPB; "Star Trek, Issue 1"; "Ghosts, Issue 3"
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Issue 152 – April/May 2010
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