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Issue 154 of Star Trek Magazine is the August 2010 issue, and is a "Genius" special.


Genius or Madman?
Editorial by Paul Simpson
Hailing Frequencies
Paths of Fire
Kevin Dilmore and Dayton Ward explore how geniuses are regarded in the Star Trek universe.
Lost & Found
Larry Nemecek presents archive images of Wil Wheaton and Alexander Siddig.
Interview – Alexander Siddig
by Dan Berry.
Meet the Crew – Who Is... Jim Kirk?
David R. George III looks at the character and his portrayal across the Star Trek franchise.
A Fistful of Data
Returning for the first time since issue 139.
Origin of the name Cardassian, purpose of the aft console on the USS Enterprise-B bridge, score from "Requiem for Methuselah".
Alien Spotlight – Return of the Demons
Marco Palmieri discusses the unexpected role the Iconians will shortly play in Star Trek Online.
The Path to 2409
The fourth installment of the timeline leading to Star Trek Online, covering the events of 2396-2401.
Concluded next issue.
Book extract
What's Past: Distant Early Warning.
With an introduction by editor Keith R.A. DeCandido.
Log Entries
"Weeds", "Error", "Star Trek, Issue 3", "Captain's Log: Harriman", "Ghosts, Issue 5".
The Children of Kings, Unspoken Truth.
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