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Issue 175 of Star Trek Magazine is the January 2014 issue.

Star Trek Magazine looks at three characters who explored the mysteries of the universe: Spock, Benjamin Sisko and Wesley Crusher, and why the humanity behind the adventures are what drives fans to love Star Trek.


Status Report
Star Trek returns to television for several commercials; and announcements of upcoming events and collectibles.
Interview – Bruce Greenwood
Tara Bennett speaks with the actor who brought Christopher Pike to the big screen on his motivations, and thoughts after-death.
One Step Beyond
K. Stoddard Hayes looks at the personal journeys of Spock, Sisko and Wesley Crusher.
A Novel Approach
John de Gruyther speaks with Garfield and Judith Reeves-Stevens on resurrecting James T. Kirk in the Odyssey Trilogy.
Are You Experienced?
Christopher Cooper relives Star Trek: The Experience, and speaks with Vernon Wilmer, an actor and expert on the attraction.
Interview – Michael Ansara
Pat Jankiewicz's previously unpublished interview with the late actor behind Kang.
Chris Dowes summarizes the latest technological advances bringing us closer to the 24th century, and considers some of the technology necessary to build an actual starship.
Star Trek Online
Michael Dorn reprises his role as Worf in the latest season of Star Trek Online; with an original story featuring the Enterprise-F: "Of Chaos and Kal-Toh", Part 1, by Jaddua Ross.
Star Trek Scrapbook
Mark Phillips seeks out all-but-forgotten Star Trek: Voyager trivia from the cast and crew.
Time's Arrow
Richard Matthews looks at humanity's relationship with omnipotent beings.
Interview – Sean Kenney
Ian Spelling explores how Kenney came to play Christopher Pik, DePaul, and life after Star Trek.
Canon Fodder
Richard Matthews speaks with reference work authors on what it's like to fill in the gaps of canon.
Interview – Jerome Bixby
Pat Jankiewicz's previously unpublished interview with the late writer who created the mirror universe.
Reviews of upcoming comics, blu-rays, books and collectibles.
Quark's Bar
Tales, photos and memories from the fans.
Fistful of Data
Larry Nemecek answers fan questions.
Starship Trekkers

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