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Issue 176 of Star Trek Magazine is the April 2014 issue.

Marking one year since being "in the dark" about Star Trek Into Darkness, Star Trek Magazine looks at the cinematic impact of Khan Noonien Singh, Project Genesis, and a new interview with Gates McFadden.


Status Report
Plans for Star Trek rides and attractions at Paramount Park Murcia, Spain; the late Leonard Nimoy's thoughts on quitting smoking; and updates on Star Trek Beyond.
We need to talk about Khan
Christopher Cooper collects thoughts on Khan from figures including podcasters Sina Alvarado and Michael Clark, Larry Nemecek, and film critics Adam English and Rich Matthews.
Perdition's Flame
"Was 'Project Genesis' Starfleet's Ultimate Weapon?"
Balance of Power
Timothy J. Tuohy reviews instances of Starfleet verging on starting galactic wars.
Interview – Gates McFadden
Ian Spelling speaks with the actress behind Dr. Beverly Crusher on the history of her experience and how the cast has remained a family through the years.
Food for Thought
Considering food and dining in the 22nd, 23rd and 24th centuries, with input from Alan Sims.
Chris Dowes summarizes the latest technological advances bringing us closer to the 24th century.
Star Trek Online
Cryptic Studios celebrates four years by bringing on Tim Russ to reprise his role as Tuvok; with an original story featuring the Enterprise-F: "Of Chaos and Kal-Toh", Part 2, by Jaddua Ross.
Star Trek Scrapbook
Mark Phillips thinks back to the premier, finale, and everything in-between that Star Trek: Enterprise meant to the Star Trek franchise.
Time's Arrow
Rich Matthews considers Garek's best episodes and why fans are willing to forgive his past.
A Novel Approach
John de Gruyther looks back at the Crucible trilogy by David R. George III.
Short Hops
Pat Jankiewicz celebrates guest performers Douglas Tait, Rachel Nichols and Lisa Wilcox.
ThinkGeek goes "where no licensee has gone before"; and other upcoming publication reviews.
Quark's Bar
Tales, photos and memories from the fans.
Fistful of Data
Larry Nemecek answers fan questions.
Starship Trekkers

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