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Issue 1 of Star Trek Monthly was the March 1995 issue. The magazine was heavily advertised before launch, including in the Star Trek Generations - Official Movie Souvenir Magazine.


Make It So
John Freeman welcomes readers to this first issue.
The Best of All Worlds
Star Trek Generations
A brief overview of the latest Star Trek movie.
The Rough Guide to Star Trek in the 24th century
An introduction to the universe of Star Trek, covering history, peoples, technology.
Who's Who in Star Trek: Voyager?
Introducing the characters, and the actors who play them.
A review of "Caretaker" by Joe Nazzaro.
Star Trek: The Exhibition
John Ainsworth presents the exhibition and its contents.
Read Out
Sarek, Caretaker, Titan Books' rerelease of Death's Angel, Beyond Uhura, Star Trek Creator.
Competition to win hardback copies of Star Trek Generations.
Comic strip
A brief history of Star Trek comics.
The Landmark Crossover: "Prophets and Losses".
Interview – Patrick Stewart
by Pamela Roller
The Most Toys
Playmates Toys, Micro Machines, ERTL, CIC Video's Star Trek: The Next Generation - The Full Length TV Movies, Hamilton Mint plates.
Available in the US: Life-size cutouts, T-shirts, badges, Star Trek Customizable Card Game.
Wesco TNG alarm clock.
Star Trek latex masks.
A Fistful of Data
What do stardates stand for, what does NCC stand for, Scotty on Deep Space Nine?, how to write a Star Trek novel and contact authors, conventions, Brent Spiner and Guy Vardaman, ""Conspiracy"" parasites, Majel Barrett in "Cost Of Living".
Readers' Poll
Jean-Luc Picard Lookalike Contest
Next Issue

Free gift[]

  • Antioch character bookmark – one of three designs.

First issue in series Star Trek Monthly
Issue 1 – March 1995
Issue 2