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Issue 13 of Star Trek Monthly was the March 1996 issue.


Make It So
John Freeman on the results of the Readers Poll from issue 8.
The Best of All Worlds
Interview – Leonard Nimoy – "Spock No More?"
by Andy Lane
Competition to win audiobooks of I Am Spock.
Those Who Are About To Die...
by Christopher Browne.
Redshirt deaths in The Original Series.
A Very Dysfunctional Family
Stuart Clark looks at Spock and his family.
Comic strip
Convergence: "Split Infinities", part 3
The strip accidentally includes the "To Be Continued in Star Trek: The Next Generation Annual" reference, causing some complaints. Ordinarily, STM removes or covers such references where they occur.
A Fistful of Data
USS Voyager dedication plaque motto, warp speed limitations in TNG Season 7, USS Excelsior NX -> NCC, James R. Kirk, Odo and clothing/combadge, USS GrissomScout class or Oberth-class?
Interview – Kim Cattrall – "A Very Logical Girl"
by Lou Anders.
Interview – Daniel Davis – "The Nicest Villain You'd Ever Want to Meet"
by Lou Anders.
Your Vote Counted!
Results of the Readers Poll conducted in issue 8.
From the Replicator
New section, combining the three previous merchandising sections into one.
Merchandise: Playmates Toys – figures, USS Voyager, role-playing.
On Screen: Deep Space Nine volume 4.2, Voyager volume 2.2.
This was the first of the regular On Screen sections to include STM's ratings system regarding episode releases.
A Fistful of Merchandise: Printing error on Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country VHS, attaching phasers and communicators to uniforms, Warp One.
Read Out: Joe Nazzaro talks to Kevin Ryan about the year ahead in Pocket Books releases; interview with John Vornholt about Rogue Saucer.
Video Vote
Readers are given the opportunity to vote for their favorite Original Series episodes to be included on the special collectors tape to be released on 5 June 1996.
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Issue 13 – March 1996
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