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Issue 17 of Star Trek Monthly was the July 1996 issue.


Make It So
John Freeman on a fact-finding mission to Los Angeles and the set of Star Trek: First Contact.
The Best of All Worlds
Creatures of Duty
Andy Lane takes a look at the Romulans.
How to make Romulan ale.
Joe Nazzaro talks to Naren Shankar about "Face of the Enemy".
Interview – Carolyn Seymour – "Star Trek's Wicked Lady"
by Stuart Banks.
Comic strip
DC TNG volume 2: "Gateway", part 1.
A Fistful of Data
Chameloids vs. Changelings, holodeck matter, Khan & Chekov, background actors wearing 1st season uniforms in TNG.
You Only Live Twice – Ron Moore
Pete Hull talks to the writer.
Episode Check – "The Defector".
From the Replicator
Merchandise: Downpace Star Trek: The Motion Picture film cels, Rubies Costumes, Playmates Toys in the UK and the US, CCG updates, Star Trek: The Next Generation - Borg Q-Uest.
Computer Games: Star Trek: Klingon, Star Trek Generations.
On Screen: Original Series rerelease volumes 1.2 & 1.3, Deep Space Nine volumes 4.7 & 4.8, Voyager volumes 2.6 & 2.7, LaserDisc releases.
Read Out: Joe Nazzaro talks to John J. Ordover, Diane Carey, Dean Wesley Smith, Julia Ecklar and Dafydd ab Hugh on the forthcoming Star Trek: Invasion! miniseries; Ordover reveals Star Trek: Day of Honor to be released in 1997; Competition to win copies of First Strike; Rick Sternbach talks about Star Trek: The Next Generation USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D Blueprints; review of Inside Star Trek: The Real Story.
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Issue 17 – July 1996
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