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Issue 23 of Star Trek Monthly was the January 1997 issue.


Make It So
John Freeman reviews Star Trek: First Contact.
The Best of All Worlds
Interview – Jonathan Frakes – "A Man of Direction"
by Lou Anders.
Andrew Lane investigates the Collective.
Borg Buster – David Bassom talks to Elizabeth Dennehy.
Directing "Descent"Joe Nazzaro speaks with Alexander Singer.
Big Screen Borg – Lou Anders interviews Ronald D. Moore & Brannon Braga.
The Borg With A Heart of Gold' – Amanda Finch talks with Jonathan Del Arco.
Interview – Alfre Woodard – "Everyday Action Heroine"
by Ian Spelling.
Interview – Alice Krige – "Queen of the Hive"
by Lou Anders.
A Walk Through The Garden – Melissa Scott
Joe Nazzaro speaks to the author about her new novel.
Book extract
Pocket VOY: The Garden.
From the Replicator
Merchandise: Downpace film cels, Micro Machines.
US Update: Star Trek: Borg, Starfleet Academy, Star Trek: Judgment Rites, SkyBox.
On Screen: Original Series rerelease volume 1.10, Deep Space Nine volume 5.1, Voyager volume 3.1; LaserDisc reviews of "Descent" and "The Way of the Warrior".
Read Out: Mudd in Your Eye, Beam Me Up, Scotty, The Heart of the Warrior, Saratoga, Flashback, Mosaic, These Are the Voyages...; competition to win copies of Mudd in Your Eye.
Model Matters: AMT/Ertl USS Defiant, Enterprise-E, Space Encounter, Monogram Kazon Torpedo.
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Issue 23 – January 1997
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