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Issue 25 of Star Trek Monthly was the March 1997 issue. The issue was advertised as a "Behind The Scenes Special" and was the last issue edited by John Freeman until issue 118.


Make It So
John Freeman on his final issue as editor.
The Best of All Worlds
In the Caves of Pon Farr
Andrew Robinson presents a first-hand account of directing "Blood Fever".
Interview – Roxann Dawson – "From Make-Up to Director's Chair"
by Ian Spelling.
Creating The Future – Richard James
Lou Anders talks to the production designer.
Includes production sketches by Rick Sternbach of the Voyager bridge.
Getting Technical – Michael Okuda
Lou Anders speaks to the graphic artist.
Michael on Mars – on including life on Mars in the Star Trek Chronology and "Future's End".
Stretching Science – André Bormanis
James Swallow interviews the science consultant.
Extraterrestrial Artist – Michael Westmore
Lou Anders talks with the make-up expert.
An Enterprising Couple – Diane Duane & Peter Morwood
James Swallow talks to the authors.
Book extract
Pocket TNG: Intellivore.
From the Replicator
Merchandise: Downpace's Phaser Laser Pointer & communicators, ERTL.
US Update: Star Trek: The Next Generation - Collectible Dice Game, Playmates Toys, SkyBox.
Read Out: Star Trek: Crew Member's Exploration Pack, I Can Draw Star Trek, The Death of Princes, Make Your Own Starship, The Garden, Star Trek: First Contact: novelization, young adult novelization, Breaking the Barrier, The Borg, The Movie Storybook.
On Screen: Original Series re-release volume 2.3, Deep Space Nine volume 5.4, Voyager volume 3.4; interview with Sarah Silverman.
A Fistful of Merchandise: Other places to buy Star Trek books, Ambassador-class model kits?
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Issue 25 – March 1997
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