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Issue 3 of Star Trek Monthly was the May 1995 issue.


New Trekkers Start Here!
Make It So
John Freeman on the response to issue 1.
The Best of All Worlds
Interview – Brent Spiner – "Elementary, Dear Data"
by Joe Nazzaro and Ian Spelling.
Robots and Androids in Star Trek
Andrew Lane looks at the roles played by artificial lifeforms.
Interview – Hallie Todd – "Data's Daughter"
by Pat Jankiewicz.
Comic strip
The Landmark Crossover: "Encounter With the Othersiders"
The ABC's of Mad Mechanicals, Amorous Androids and Raving Robots in Star Trek
Interview – Jonathan Del Arco – "My Life as a Borg"
by Joe Nazzaro.
Read Out
The Escape, The Romulan Stratagem, Shadows on the Sun audiobook, Titan Books reprints of Mindshadow, The Peacekeepers, Perchance to Dream, Guises of the Mind; submission guidelines for novels; Larry Nemecek discusses the updated Star Trek: The Next Generation Companion.
The Most Toys
Downpace mugs, sound keyrings, and PVC figures; Antioch stationery, ERTL's fibre-optic Deep Space 9 model kit; CIC Video release schedule; Bandai delay the Classic Communicator; Tumblenot mugs.
Star Trek: Innerspace.
A Fistful of Data
USS Enterprise-D in "All Good Things...", toilets in the 24th century, where Christopher Pike's five-year mission(s) go, "Metamorphosis" available on video?
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Issue 3 – May 1995
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