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Issue 30 of Star Trek Monthly was the August 1997 issue. Somewhat unusually, the regular "A Fistful of Data" column does not appear.


Make It So
Darryl Curtis discusses the holodeck.
The Best of All Worlds
Interview – Robert Picardo – "Doctor at Large"
by David Bassom.
It's a Kind of Magic
Andrew Lane explores the technology behind the holodeck.
A Brief History of Holograms: Andrew Darling looks at the use of holograms in science fiction.
Holo-History in the Making: Alexander Singer discusses Stephen Hawking and the holodeck scene in "Descent".
Interview –Dwight Schultz – "Holo Hero"
by Ian Spelling.
Interview – Alexander Siddig – "A Truly Model Doctor"
by Ian Spelling.
"Our Man Bashir"
Lou Anders talks to Robert Gillan about the creation of the episode.
Fixing Holodecks in "Our Man Bashir": Kenneth Marshall discusses his role in the episode.
From the Replicator
Merchandise: Playmates Toys.
US Update: Star Trek Generations, SkyBox, Decipher.
On Screen: Original Series rerelease volume 2.9, Deep Space Nine volume 5.10, Voyager volume 3.10; LaserDisc review of "All Good Things..."; interview with Lawrence Pressman on "Ties of Blood and Water".
Model Matters: Monogram Kazon Torpedo & Limited Edition USS Voyager.
Read Out: Mind Meld, Starfleet Academy (novel), Star Trek: New Frontier: House of Cards & Into the Void, Star Trek: Federation Travel Guide; competition to win copies of Vulcan's Forge.
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