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Issue 36 of Star Trek Monthly was the February 1998 issue.


First Contact
Darryl Curtis on family, and recognising familiar situations in alien surroundings.
The Best of All Worlds
Interview – Armin Shimerman – "The House of Quark"
by Joe Nazzaro.
Getting Under Quark's SkinLou Anders talks to Karen J. Westerfield.
Interview – Aron Eisenberg – "In Deep Water"
by Eric Frederickson.
Interview – Mary Kay Adams – "Courting Quark"
by Eric Frederickson.
Family Ties
Andrew Lane looks at the portrayal of family in Star Trek.
Parenthood – Eric Frederickson talks to Brian George.
The Families That Never Were – illusory and alternate timeline families.
A Family Flavour – Ten of the best family-related Star Trek episodes.
Interview – Mitchell Ryan – "Family Man"
by Eric Frederickson.
Interview – Gwynyth Walsh & Barbara March – "Double Trouble"
by David Bassom.
Interview – Rosalind Chao – "Chao, Baby!"
by Ian Spelling.
A Fistful of Data
Why no Defiant or senior staff at DS9 in "Caretaker"?, Vulcan hearing, why can't Voyager just use the Bajoran wormhole?
Book extract
Pocket VOY: Day of Honor.
Book token
Final of five £1 book tokens.
From the Replicator
ERTL Enterprise diorama, E-C individual model, Hollywood Pins, SCKP Voyager stamps.
US Update: SkyBox Original Series Season One set, Playmates, Hallmark.
In Review: To Storm Heaven, Star Trek: The Next Generation Postcard Book, Day of Honor, Marooned.
On Screen: The Original Series rerelease volume 3.7, Deep Space Nine volume 6.1, Voyager volume 4.1.
Chicago! – Mat Irvine reports from the National Toy and Hobby Fair on forthcoming model releases from AMT and Monogram.
Competitions to win Spaced Out and Deep Space Nine volume 6.1.
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Issue 36 – February 1998
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