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Issue 37 of Star Trek Monthly was the March 1998 issue.


First Contact
Darryl Curtis on romance in Star Trek and the arrival of Seven of Nine.
The Best of All Worlds
Interview – Jeri Ryan – "The Magnificent Seven"
by Joe Nazzaro.
Kiss and Tell
Andy Lane looks at the portrayal of romance in Star Trek.
Off-Screen Romance – looking at romance within the cast and crew of the series.
What You Think! – responses from the poll in issue 34.
A Taste of Romance – three of the most moving/romantic episodes from each series.
Interview – Terry Farrell – "Trills Just Wanna have Fun"
by Ian Spelling.
PosterJadzia Dax in Klingon wedding attire.
Episode Focus – "You Are Cordially Invited".
A Fistful of Data
universal translators, additional Defiant-class ships in "Call to Arms"?, scrolling holodecks, the Negh'Var warship.
Interview – Robert Duncan McNeill – "Tom Foolery"
by David Bassom.
Tom Takes Five – McNeill chooses his five favorite episodes from Voyager's first three seasons.
Pulling First Duty – McNeill on Nicholas Locarno and the differences between that character and Tom Paris.
Book extract
Pocket TOS: Assignment: Eternity.
Star Trek: Captain's Chair, Legends of the Ferengi audiobook.
From the Replicator
Interactive: The Star Trek Encylopedia - The Interactive Edition, Captain's Chair; review of Captain's Chair.
US Update: Playmates Toys, The Best of Star Trek, Volume One, Star Trek Pinball.
On Screen: The Original Series rerelease volume 3.8 (final volume), Deep Space Nine volume 6.2, Voyager volume 4.2; Lou Anders speaks to J.G. Hertzler on "Sons and Daughters" and Martok's growing role in the series.
In Review: Heart of the Sun, Trial by Error.
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Issue 37 – March 1998
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