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Issue 39 of Star Trek Monthly was the May 1998 issue.


First Contact
Darryl Curtis on Trekkies from all walks of life, Star Trek: First Contact and the passing of the movie torch.
The Best of All Worlds
Interview – Michael Dorn – "Dorn's Direction"
by Ian Spelling.
A Decade of Dorn – The ten essential Worf episodes.
A Fistful of Data
Timeline and warp nacelle discrepancies between Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country and "Flashback", Tuvok and pon farr, photon torpedo types.
Interview – William Shatner – "Defying Death"
by Ian Spelling.
A hero for all time – a brief summary of the "Shatnerverse".
Seven of Nine as Mademoiselle de Neuf.
Wars of the Worlds
James Swallow presents an overview of war and conflict in Federation history.
War Times – a chronology of some of the important conflicts in the Star Trek universe.
Interview – Richard Herd – "Death Before Dishonour"
by David Bassom.
Readers' Survey
Interview – Peter David – "Returning to the New Frontier"
by Joe Nazzaro.
Book extract
Star Trek: New Frontier: Martyr.
Features brief character overviews.
From the Replicator
A Collector's Paradise: Report from the National Toy and Hobby Fair, London – Rico's USS Enterprise-E rocket, ERTL, Playmates, The Glass Design Studio's Enterprise-D commissioning plaque mirror.
US Update: Star Trek: The Game Show, computer accessories.
Read Out: Assignment: Eternity, The Best and the Brightest, Echoes, Star Trek: New Frontier Omnibus; competition to win Spectre.
On Screen: The Next Generation rerelease volume 1.2, Deep Space Nine volume 6.4, Voyager volume 4.4.
New York, New York: Report from the American International Toy Fair - Star Trek: The Next Generation - Collectible Dice Game, Decipher's Official Tournament Sealed Deck & Deep Space Nine, Rubies Costumes.
Go Figure: Forthcoming Playmates Toys releases.
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