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Issue 41 of Star Trek Monthly was the July 1998 issue.


First Contact
Darryl Curtis on religious themes in Star Trek.
The Best of All Worlds
No Voyager report appeared in this issue due to that series having already completed its fourth season.
Interview – Leonard Nimoy – "Beyond Spock"
by Ian Spelling.
Includes details on Alien Voices' dramatizations.
Interview – Tim Russ – "Dictated by Logic"
by Joe Nazzaro.
Spock vs. Tuvok – Andrew Lane compares the two Vulcans.
Faith in the 24th Century
Eric Frederickson talks to Ira Steven Behr about religion in Star Trek.
Sacred Stories – episode that explore the subject of religion.
Interview – Denise Crosby – "O.K. Yar"
by Ian Spelling.
Viva Las Vegas!
A special feature going behind the scenes at Star Trek: The Experience.
Setting the Script in MotionLarry Nemecek speaks to Rene Echevarria and Kenneth Biller.
Building the Dream – Ian Spelling talks with Gary Goddard, chairman of Landmark Entertainment.
Setting the SceneHerman Zimmerman on his involvement with the project.
From Concept to Creation – Ian Spelling with Susan Lomax, vice president of communications at Paramount Parks.
The View from the Ground – Dean Harrold, president of the Las Vegas Hilton.
A Fistful of Data
Money and commerce in the 24th century, Kes's moving Voyager in "The Gift".
Book extract
"Shatnerverse": Spectre.
From the Replicator
Space Marine, Playmates Toys.
The Collective: New column on rare or unusual collectibles. Playmates' B'Elanna Torres with Janeway equipment and collectors' card.
US Update: Hallmark's 1998 ornaments, Star Tre Adhesive Bandages, SkyBox's Original Series Season Two set, Decipher's Deep Space Nine expansion.
Read Out: Vulcan's Forge, Far Beyond the Stars, Star Trek Science Logs.
On Screen: The Next Generation re-release volume 1.5, Deep Space Nine volume 6.7, Voyager volume 4.7; interview with Andy Dick on "Message in a Bottle"; interview with Gwynyth Walsh on "Random Thoughts".
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Issue 41 – July 1998
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