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Issue 45 of Star Trek Monthly was the October 1998 issue.


First Contact
Darryl Curtis on new arrivals in the Trek universe.
The Best of All Worlds
Interview – Robert Picardo – "EMH"
by David Bassom.
A Prescription of Picardo – the best Doctor episodes.
Interview – Nana Visitor – "Nana Probe"
by Ian Spelling.
The Rough Guide to Bajor
Andrew Darling looks at the planet, its people and their culture.
Seven of Nine.
Interview – Michelle Forbes – "Forbes Ahead"
by Ian Spelling.
Portrait of a BajoranRo Laren character profile.
Interview – Majel Barrett – "Troi Again?"
by Ian Spelling.
A Fistful of Data
Dilithium crystals, the third seat on the Phoenix, Miles O'Brien's rank issues.
Book extract
Pocket VOY: Seven of Nine.
MicroProse games.
From the Replicator
Playmates Toys, Polco Products car accessories, Star Tre crackers.
US Update: The Hamilton Collection discontinuing production, Spencer Gifts TV Lights, USAopoly.
Read Out: War Dragons, Dujonian's Hoard, The Mist, Fire Ship.
On Screen: The Next Generation rerelease volume 1.8, Deep Space Nine volume 6.10, Voyager volume 4.10.
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Issue 44 Star Trek Monthly
Issue 45 – October 1998
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