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Issue 5 of Star Trek Monthly was the July 1995 issue, and was promoted as a "Captain Kirk Tribute Issue".


Make It So
John Freeman on celebrating Captain Kirk.
The Best of All Worlds
Interview – William Shatner
by Pete Hull
Includes review of The Ashes of Eden by Joe Nazzaro.
Where's Captain Kirk?
Andrew Lane takes a look at the loves, life, loves, death and, of course, loves, of James T. Kirk.
Comic strip
DC TOS Annual: "The Dream Walkers", part 1.
A Fistful of Data
Starship classes, registry number suffixes, what does USS stand for, new Micro Machines, BBC and banned episodes, replica uniforms.
Read Out
The Ashes of Eden, The Landmark Crossover, Into the Nebula, Ragnarok, Titan Books rereleases of World Without End and Grounded, The Devil's Heart on audio.
Competition to win The Ashes of Eden graphic novel.
The Man Who Really Killed Captain Kirk
Justin Keay speaks to David Carson on directing and Star Trek Generations.
The Most Toys
Downpace figure mugs, figurines, badges, Star Trek: Innerspace from Playmates Toys, Zeon wall clock, ERTL character vinyl models.
Model Kit Update: ERTL's Star Trek Generations rerelease of the Enterprise-D
Digital Frontiers: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - Voice Print and Star Trek Omnipedia.
On Screen

Erroneous cover image.

Deep Space Nine volume 3.9
Voyager volume 1.2 – with erroneous cover image, showing episodes "Parallax" and "Intrepid, Part II"...
Competition to win Voyager volume 1.1.
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