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Issue 54 of Star Trek Monthly was the July 1999 issue, a 100-page special edition to mark the ending of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. A German-language edition was, otherwise unedited, released the subsequent month as issue 9 of Star Trek: Das offizielle monatliche Magazin.


First Contact
Darryl Curtis on the end of Deep Space Nine.
The Best of All Worlds
Interview – Ira Steven Behr – "Behr With Us"
by Ian Spelling.
Episode focus – Season One
What You Leave Behind
Ian Spelling on a behind-the-scenes look at the filming of the final episode.
What They Wouldn't Leave Behind – the cast and crew on what mementos they would take from the set.
Final DirectionAllan Kroeker on directing the finale.
Episode focus – Season Two
Avery Brooks, by Mike Thomas.
Rene Auberjonois, by Ian Spelling.
Nana Visitor, by Ian Spelling.
Michael Dorn, by Ian Spelling.
Episode focus – Season Three
"The Adversary"
All interviews by Ian Spelling.
Alexander Siddig
Nicole de Boer
Armin Shimerman
Colm Meaney
Episode focus – Season Four
"The Way of the Warrior"
Cirroc Lofton, by Ian Spelling.
Terry Farrell, by Sue Schneider.
A Simple Investigation
Stoddard Hayes looks at the issues that were central to Deep Space Nine.
A Season by Season Overview – the story arcs of the seven-year run.
Not on the List – Common Star Trek themes that rarely feature on the series.
Also Starring… – a list of the recurring characters.
Episode focus – Season Five
"Trials and Tribble-ations"
A Fistful of Data
Deep Space Nine salute.
Julian Bashir's reappearing combadge in "Inquisition", quantum torpedoes, Klingon life spans, drinking on duty, Galaxy-class in the Dominion War, lack of shields in battle.
All interviews by Ian Spelling.
Andrew Robinson
Aron Eisenberg
Max Grodénchik
Episode focus – Season Six
Marc Alaimo, by Ian Spelling.
Casey Biggs, by Ian Spelling.
Jeffrey Combs, by Lou Anders.
Louise Fletcher, by Ian Spelling.
Robert O'Reilly, by Eric Frederickson.
J.G. Hertzler, by Lou Anders.
Episode focus – Season Seven
"Image in the Sand"
Interview – John Eaves – "Far Beyond the Drawing Board"
Featuring artwork Eaves provided for the Incredible Tales covers in "Far Beyond the Stars".
From the Replicator
UK Update: Klaus Davis jackets, Playmates.
Australasia Update: Birth of the Federation.
US Update: Playmates, chromium prints, Tribble keychains, Franklin Mint.
Read Out: Joe Nazzaro talks to John Ordover and Michael Jan Friedman about the Double Helix novel series.
On Screen: The Next Generation rerelease volumes 2.6 & 2.7, Deep Space Nine volumes 7.6 & 7.7, Voyager volumes 5.6 & 5.7; interview with Martin Rayner.
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Issue 54 – July 1999
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