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Issue 61 of Star Trek Monthly was the January 2000 issue.


First Contact
Darryl Curtis on the lack of a Christmas focus.
The Best of All Worlds
James Swallow on the set of "Pathfinder".
Interview – Robert Beltran – "Restless Native"
by Ian Spelling.
Interview – Jonathan Frakes – "Loving the Aliens"
by Ian Spelling.
Will Power
Stoddard Hayes takes a look at the character of William T. Riker.
Today is a Good Day to Die
Andrew Lane investigates the concept of death in Star Trek.
Robert Beltran as Chakotay.
A Fistful of Data
How did Voyager plot a course home in an uncharted region?, why no cloaking device use in the Dominion War.
Interview – Andrew Robinson – "I, Spy"
by Lou Anders.
Book extract
Captain Proton: Defender of the Earth – "The Forgotten and Lost Race".
From the Replicator
UK Update: Mouse mates, T-shirts.
Australasia Update: Clothing, ties, Star Trek: Starship Creator.
US Update: Collectors' plaques, Star Trek UNO, Hallmark
Read Out: Double Helix.
The State of Play: James Swallow visits Interplay for an update on their forthcoming titles.
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Issue 60 Star Trek Monthly
Issue 61 – January 2000
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