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Issue 62 of Star Trek Monthly was the February 2000 issue.


First Contact
Darryl Curtis on writing editorials.
The Best of All Worlds
Interview – Tim Russ – "His Mind to Our Mind"
by Lou Anders.
The Way of the Warrior
Stoddard Hayes takes a look at the character of Worf
Dorn AgainMichael Dorn speaks to Star Trek Monthly.
In Times of War
Stoddard Hayes chronicles the events of the Dominion War.
Interview – James Darren – "Thank You For the Music"
by Ian Spelling.
Kate Mulgrew as Kathryn Janeway
Reader Survey
Contained within a four-page pull-out section.
A Fistful of Data
Changes to the bridge of the USS Enterprise-D in Star Trek Generations, transwarp and warp 10, Daniels.
Interview – Vaughn Armstrong – "Vaughn Free!"
by Lou Anders.
Book extract
The Badlands, Book One.
Four of the Best…
A new feature, where readers vote for their favourite from a selection of four.
VillainsKhan Noonien Singh, Q, Dukat, Seska.
From the Replicator
UK Update: SCKP The Ships of Star Trek stamp set, Playmates Toys.
Australasia Update: Hidden Evil, Klingon Academy, soundtracks.
US Update: Star Trek in Motion cards, Playmates 12" figures.
Read Out: Vulcan's Heart, Pathways, Adventures in Time and Space, Star Trek Sticker Book, 2000 calendars.
Interactive: Starfleet Command
Next Issue
Issue 61 Star Trek Monthly
Issue 62 – February 2000
Issue 63
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