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Issue 64 of Star Trek Monthly was the April 2000 issue. It was Darryl Curtis' final issue as editor.


First Contact
Darryl Curtis on leaving the magazine.
The Best of All Worlds
Folk Tale
Ian Spelling on the set of "Spirit Folk".
Interview – Robert Picardo – "Prescription for Laughs"
by Andy Mangels and Michael A. Martin
Continued from issue 63.
Interview – Tim Russ – "Solving Riddles"
by Ian Spelling.
Don't Beam Me Up, Scotty!
Stoddard Hayes on what can happen when the transporter malfunctions.
Between a Rock and a Hard PlaceNicole de Boer on proper transporter etiquette and "The Siege of AR-558".
A Fistful of Data
Why was the USS Enterprise-E patrolling the Romulan Neutral Zone in Star Trek: First Contact?, Naomi Wildman and rapid aging, why does Mora Pol not appear during Odo's illness in DS9 Season 7?
Double-sided, featuring Robert Duncan McNeill as Tom Paris on one side, and Jeri Ryan as Seven of Nine on the other.
Interview – John de Lancie – "Q&A"
by Darryl Curtis.
Interview – Jason Alexander – "Kudos for Kurros"
by Ian Spelling.
Book extract
Pocket TNG: Gemworld, Book One.
From the Replicator
UK Update: Bandai no longer distributing Playmates Toys Star Trek products, MBI gold trading cards.
Australasia Update: Playmates figures.
US Update: PlayTrek mailing list, New Force Comics, Franklin Mint.
Read Out: release schedule only.
Interactive: Star Trek: Hidden Evil.
On Screen: Voyager volume 6.2, The Next Generation rerelease volumes 3.1 & 3.2; interview with Olivia Birkelund.
Next Issue
Issue 63 Star Trek Monthly
Issue 64 – April 2000
Issue 65
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