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Issue 67 of Star Trek Monthly was the July 2000 issue. A 100-page special edition, the issue focused on the Borg.


First Contact
Nick Jones on his love for the Borg, and the contents of the issue.
The Best of All Worlds
Interview – Brannon Braga – "Braga Clout"
by Darryl Curtis.
Zero Hour
Ian Spelling reports from the set of "Unimatrix Zero".
Interview – Susanna Thompson – "Queen B"
by Ian Spelling.
Assimilate This!
Stoddard Hayes looks in detail at the Borg Collective, including Locutus of Borg, the Borg Queen, and Borg technology.
Who Could Beat the Borg?
Nick Jones investigates the ability of various species to resist the Collective.
Four mini-posters, featuring Seven of Nine, the Borg Queen, a Bolian drone and Locutus.
A Fistful of Data
Admiral Hayes, Helm officers – which division?, why no uniform change in Voyager?
Interview – Rene Auberjonois – "The Great Pretender"
by David Bassom.
Interview – George Takei – "Takei to the Bridge"
by Ian Spelling.
Flying Sulu
Stoddard Hayes on the life of Hikaru Sulu.
Interview – Richard Herd – "Following the Herd"
by Ian Spelling.
Interview – Andrew Robinson – "Spy Catcher"
by David Bassom.
Book extract
Pocket DS9: A Stitch in Time.
From the Replicator
2001 calendars, autographed film cels, CCG: The Second Anthology, Playmates Toys, Women of Star Trek in Motion, Franklin Mint plates.
Read Out: Gemworld books 1 & 2, The Valiant, The Definitive Star Trek Trivia Book, The Captain's Table Omnibus.
On Screen: Voyager volume 6.5, The Next Generation rerelease volume 3.5.
Strip Tease: New section, focusing on new comics releases. All of Me, Perchance to Dream, Embrace the Wolf.
Role With It: Star Trek: The Next Generation - Player's Guide, Holodeck Adventures, Star Trek: The Original Series - Core Game Book, Star Trek: The Original Series - Narrator's Toolkit.
Hollow Pursuits
New section, covering trivia and other minutiae.
Great Moments in Star Trek: Star Trek Generations saucer crash.
Top 10: McCoy one-liners.
Fantasy Star Trek: introduction.
A Piece of the Action
The Official UK Star Trek Fan Club Update is moved to its own page.
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Issue 66 Star Trek Monthly
Issue 67 – July 2000
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