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Issue 8 of Star Trek Monthly was the October 1995 issue.


Make It So
John Freeman apologises for the lack of Robert Picardo and Tim Russ interviews, looks forward to the coming month, and thanks all those who are writing in.
The Best of All Worlds
Interview – Brent Spiner
by Pete Hull.
Including Episode Check: "Brothers"
Designing Deep Space Nine
Joe Nazzaro talks to Herman Zimmerman about the development of the space station and its facilities.
Comic strip
Malibu DS9: "The Looking Glass War", part 1
A Fistful of Data
Cloaking devices, cutaway posters, rotten French in "Time's Arrow, Part II", BBC to re-run TOS, Bill Gocke making an unplanned appearance in "Unification II" and Points of View...
Read Out
by John Freeman
Reviews: Federation, Titan Books reissues of Boogeymen and The Romulan Prize
Pocket Books 1996 schedule – Star Trek: Invasion!
Competition to win a copy of I Am Spock.
Alister Pearson speaks about creating the covers to Titan's Star Trek Adventures rerelease of Bantam Books 1970s stories – including a step-by-step for Death's Angel.
Interview – Andrew Robinson
appearing at Novacon III on 29 July 1995, transcript by Barbara Parker.
Reader's Poll
Episode Guide
TOS Season 2
The Most Toys
Playmates Toys Classic Movies figures, Star Trek: Innerspace, Micro Machines collector's set, Downpace sound keyrings, Antioch stationary, ERTL Enterprise-B kit.
Available in the US: Star Trek Customizable Card Game, Hamilton Mint plates.
The Playmates Story – an overview of the Playmates/Bandai relationship and history.
Star Trek Collectibles: Paul Christopher looks at the Galoob TNG releases.
On Screen
Voyager 1.7
Next Issue

Free gift[]

  • Collector's card from Antioch – One of twelve designs.
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Issue 8 – October 1995
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