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Issue 80 of Star Trek Monthly was the Summer 2001 issue – a 100-page special to commemorate the ending of Star Trek: Voyager.


First Contact
Nick Jones on farewells.
The Best of All Worlds
Abbie Bernstein reports from the 2001 Pasadena Grand Slam convention, including William Shatner and Ricardo Montalban's joint appearance.
Tom's Cruise – the Voyager crew entertain on the Random Flight Champagne Brunch Cruise, masterminded by Robert Duncan McNeill.
Grand Finale – Sunday panels, including the Voyager crew.
Return to Splendour
Abbie Bernstein on the set of "Renaissance Man".
Interview – Kate Mulgrew – "Bring It On Home"
by Ian Spelling.
Interview – Jeri Ryan – "The Magic Number"
by Ian Spelling.
Games Without Frontiers
Ian Spelling reports from the set of "Endgame".
Star Trek: Voyager Episode Guide
Pull-out section, featuring brief synopses of all 176 episodes, plus quotes from the cast and crew, and episode-specific trivia.
Interview – Robert Picardo – "The Doctor Is Out"
by Abbie Bernstein.
The Star Trek: Voyager Awards
K. Stoddard Hayes, Anna Bowles, and Nick Jones present the pick of Voyager' achievements.
Interview – Robert Duncan McNeill – "Flying Finish"
by David Bassom.
Interview – Tim Russ – "Tim's Up!"
by David Bassom.
Michael A. Martin talks to the crew at Foundation Imaging, looking back at their work on Star Trek: Voyager.
Interview – Brannon Braga – "Look Back in Braga"
by Ian Spelling.
A Fistful of Data
Soundtracks, why the Borg can't cloak, ketracel-white is a narcotic?
From the Replicator
On Screen: The Next Generation rerelease volume 4.4, Voyager volume 7.4; interview with Ron Glass; Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country DVD.
Read Out: release schedule only.
Games: Anna Bowles reviews Star Trek: Starship Creator Warp II; James Swallow looks at the gaming section at
Hollow Pursuits
Great Moments in Star Trek: "The 37's", Voyager lands.
Top 10: Odo shapeshifts.
Unforgettable is replaced in this issue with Do I or Don't I?.
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