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Issue 87 of Star Trek Monthly was the January 2002 issue.


First Contact
Nick Jones on the issue's contents.
The Best of All Worlds
Random Thoughts
Garrett Wang.
Character Building
Nick Jones on the importance of the characters in Enterprise, and how they are developed in the early episodes.
Interview – Roxann Dawson & LeVar Burton – "Engineering Success"
by Paul Simpson and Ruth Thomas.
This is My Moment
Readers' choose their favourite Voyager moments.
Roxann Dawson and Jeri Ryan as B'Elanna Torres and Seven of Nine.
Larger version of cover image.
Interview – Barbara Luna – "Luna Mission"
by Ian Spelling.
20 Gift Ideas from the Future
Anna Bowles looks at what Star Trek items could be given as gifts.
A Fistful of Data
Holograms on Voyager, Seven of Nine's chronological age.
From the Replicator
Games: James Brumbaugh reviews Star Trek: Armada II.
On Screen: Voyager volume 7.11, Star Trek III: The Search for Spock DVD.
Read Out: release schedule only.
Hollow Pursuits
Alien of the Month: new feature, Vulcans.
Close Encounters: new feature, memorable confrontations, Jean-Luc and Robert Picard, "Family".
Unforgettable: Trelane.
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Issue 87 – January 2002
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