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Issue 89 of Star Trek Monthly was the March 2002 issue. The issue was Nick Jones' last as editor.


First Contact
Nick Jones says goodbye.
The Best of All Worlds
Random Thoughts
Nana Visitor.
Interview – Rick Berman – "Rick's Progress"
A new regular feature.
by Ian Spelling.
Doctor, Doctor
Abbie Bernstein goes behind the scenes on "Dear Doctor".
Interview – Patrick Stewart – "Back to the Bridge"
by Abbie Bernstein.
A Galaxy of Stars
Abbie Bernstein reports from Robert Beltran's Galaxy Ball.
Two mini-posters, one of Terry Farrell as Jadzia Dax in Klingon wedding attire, the other of Farrell and Michael Dorn in same.
A Fistful of Data
Galaxy-class numbers, when did Odo infect the Great Link with the morphogenic virus?
The Lovers Guide
K. Stoddard Hayes charts Star Trek's greatest romances.
Interview – Scarlett Pomers – "Child's Play"
by Paul Simpson and Ruth Thomas.
Love Among the Stars
Anna Bowles looks at romance amongst Star Trek's alien species, from A to Z.
From the Replicator
Read Out: The Genesis Wave, Book Two, The Valiant, What Lay Beyond, Restoration, Being Human, Star Trek: Starship Spotter; Encounters With the Unknown.
On Screen: Voyager volume 7.13.
CCGs: James Swallow reviews CCG: Holodeck Adventures.
Hollow Pursuits
Alien of the Month: Borg.
Close Encounters: "The Visitor", Benjamin Sisko and older Jake.
Unforgettable: Samuel Clemens.
Next Issue
Issue 88 Star Trek Monthly
Issue 89 – March 2002
Issue 90
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