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Issue 9 of Star Trek Monthly was the November 1995 issue.


Make It So
John Freeman talks about what scared him watching Star Trek.
The Best of All Worlds
Fairy Tales, Ghosts and Goblins
Andy Lane looks at horror in Star Trek, covering episodes such as "Charlie X", "Catspaw", "Conspiracy", and "Frame of Mind".
The Macabre Mind of Brannon Braga
Lou Anders interviews the writer.
Read Out
by John Freeman
Reviews: Star Trek Omnipedia, A Rock and a Hard Place (Titan Books release), The Way of the Warrior.
Comic strip
"The Looking Glass War", part 2
Episode guide
TOS Season 3
A day in the life of Michael Westmore
Joe Nazzaro follows the make-up artist.
Creating Star Trek Chic with Robert Blackman
Joe Nazzaro talks uniforms with the costume designer.
A Fistful of Data
TrillOdan vs Dax, ...and personalities, ...and transporters; CD-ROM releases; Walter Koenig autobiography?
The Most Toys
Downpace Holodomes, Playmates Toys Space Talk Enterprise-D, new Micro Machines.
Available in the US: Playmates figures, SkyBox cards, Alternate Universe expansion for Star Trek Customizable Card Game, LaserDisc slipcase issues.
Model Matters: AMT/ERTL's Spock & Quark kits; starship scales.
On Screen
Voyager 1.8
Star Trek - Crossovers Set
Star Trek: The Next Generation - Data Box
Star Trek - 30th Anniversary Movies Box Set
Win the entire Playmates Toys range released to date!
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Issue 9 – November 1995
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