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Issue 90 of Star Trek Monthly was the April 2002 issue. It was the first issue with Toby Weidmann as editor.


First Contact
Toby Weidmann introduces himself.
The Best of All Worlds
Random Thoughts
Dominic Keating.
A Piece of the Action
Interview – Rick Berman – "The Inside Trek"
by Ian Spelling.
Interview –Robert Picardo – "Carry On Doctor"
by Ian Spelling.
Techno Beat
Ian Spelling, Paul Simpson and Abbie Bernstein look at Star Trek's greatest mentions, and asks franchise stars about their technical expertise.
Thy Wil Be DoneWil Wheaton on his work with the EFF.
Data LawBrent Spiner interviewed.
Dawson ChicRoxann Dawson on directing "The Andorian Incident".
Two mini-posters, one featuring Brent Spiner as Data, the other Robert Picardo as the Emergency Command Hologram.
A Fistful of Data
Why is the Captain Proton program in black and white?, Data's Ferengi joke in Star Trek Generations, cloaking devices in the mirror universe.
Interview – Jeffrey Combs – "Blue Meanie"
by Michael A. Martin.
Technology Bites
K. Stoddard Hayes on when technology goes awry.
Interview – Robin Curtis – "Round Robin"
by Ian Spelling.
From the Replicator
Action Figures: James Brumbaugh talks to Art Asylum on their plans for their recently-acquired license.
Games: James Swallow talks to the producer of Star Trek: Bridge Commander.
On Screen: Enterprise volume 1.1.
Read Out: release schedule only.
Hollow Pursuits
Automatons of the Month: Exo III androids.
Close Encounters: "Descent, Part II", Data and Lore's final confrontation.
Unforgettable: Noonian Soong.
Next Issue
Issue 89 Star Trek Monthly
Issue 90 – April 2002
Issue 91
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